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Finally, an update. Sat Jun 30 22:09:47 2012
Changes have been made to ensure that more leagues can be accommodated. This means that those of you who have waited (way too) long are being added. Yay!
Updates Mon May 21 12:11:28 2012
Lots of updates for most leagues, sorry about the delays but it's been a hectic time around here. Enjoy!
Added some SQ distribution information Fri Mar 2 10:06:21 2012
A breakdown of special qualities by position is now available.
Updated a lot of leagues with new seasons. Sun Feb 26 13:12:13 2012
New seasons are in for six new leagues. Three are still in limbo, but but they'll hopefully be caught as soon as they declare the dates for the next season.
Character sets fixed? Sat Feb 25 11:34:14 2012
Yeah, possibly! The entire site is being regenerated so over the next few hours all names should be properly encoded and displayed.
Added proper formation pages. Tue Feb 21 17:15:17 2012
Each formation now has their own page, with some vital stats and some very nifty result distribution graphs. Yay! Start here!
More youth information. Fri Feb 17 07:44:05 2012
The youth page has been updated with graphs showing both relative and absolute age distributions for the youths entering DH1.
Hearts and names fixed. Sun Feb 12 03:05:29 2012
Hearts are now included, but for older data this may present hearts of players that at the time didn't have them. This is being (slowly) sorted out. At the same time, a players name is now properly updated when they've played a match. Players are displayed with their most recent name no matter the time frame they're in, this may well change in the future.
Improved player performance graphs. Sat Feb 11 18:07:13 2012
Player performance graphs now display not only the players matches, but all the matches the team has played during the time frame the label covers. Matches the player has not participated in are displayed without the players performance but as a reference for the user, also helping the user to determine when the player has been active and to give a better idea of the players trend. If the player was substituted in or out, the minutes spent on the pitch is now part of the displayed information in the graph as well.
Made the label "ALL" default for all leagues. Sat Feb 11 07:13:43 2012
The label "ALL", which covers all events the system has seen for the league in question, is now generated by default for all leagues that have more than one label defined.
Fixed Season 12 of Match of the Day Sat Feb 11 05:24:43 2012
The start / stop dates were swapped. This has been fixed and the season has been built and published.
Formational use and success graphs added to team overview Sat Feb 11 05:01:28 2012
On the team overview page one can now find graphs showing the use and the success of a teams formational choice, separated between home and away matches. Site updated and rebuilt for all leagues, seasons and teams.
Added The Buscuit Tin Wed Feb 8 21:42:03 2012
People are all buggy, but the way to make them stop seems to be to add their leagues. Crispybits and H20ver got together on this one.
Added National League. Wed Feb 8 21:38:46 2012
After several requests, added National League.
Admin approval required for addition Wed Feb 8 16:56:42 2012
Added a blurb in the FAQ to make it clear that admin approval for adding leagues is vastly preferred. It's not mandatory, but it makes things a lot easier for everyone involved.
Added Couch Potatoes Unite Tue Feb 7 14:36:45 2012
Upon request by Djoxy1983, Couch Potatoes Unite was added to the site.
More match information. Sat Feb 4 22:57:32 2012
Date is added to the matches, and on mouse over for matches on the team interface the total skill (and performances) of the match in question will be displayed.
There's a changelog? Sat Feb 4 17:00:30 2012
So, yeah, there's a changelog. Hopefully this will contain information about what goes on around here. So, er, yeah.